A Day in the Life of a Tree Mom

I became a tree mom to a bur oak tree last fall, and ever since I’ve been going through the things new tree parents do: worrying at the loss of every precious leaf, brushing away mulch from the trunk to protect her from rot, and counting every drop of rain to make sure she gets the recommended inch-a-week that new trees require for the first two years.

Yesterday I fell into paroxysms of delight when I spotted a robin headed for the cool green canopy with a beakful of dry grass.

“Honey, there’s a robin building a nest in our tree.”

My husband peered onto the lawn.

I reached for his hand. “It’s her first nest.”

“It’s pretty small up there. They might not finish it.”

But still, it’s so exciting, I thought. I remembered her first leaf drop last fall and how panicked I was, not sure she’d make it through the winter. And here she is, a lush cap of leaves and courting robins.

I couldn’t be more proud.

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